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submitting healthexecwire announcements


If you want to reach the desktops of health care business professionals, submitting an announcement through HealthExecWire may be the most cost effective ways your organization can get your message to your targeted audience. 
Healthexecwire focuses just on the health care business  segment, and doesn't saturate subscribers with releases. Professionals respond positively to healthexecwire releases, and look to us as a trusted source for information on new products, services, programs and events.  

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Get your announcement in front of close to 77,000 health care business professionals for just $4,250. Discounts are available for contracted commitments for specified quantities. We can help you get the most out of your email marketing budget! Ask us about Split Lists, Subject Lines, and List Suppression options. Email analytics, including click-through tracking, provided at no additional charge, upon advance request.

In addition to the e-mail release, your announcement displays on the home page the day of your release, and is archived in the healthexecwire web site, adding to your search engine presence.

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